Experience Rarotonga, Cook Islands Holiday Accommodation


Thank you for your booking.

This is confirmation that we have your booking & will be working on a Booking Contract for you, which requests your deposit to confirm the booking.

Please note that your booking is not confirmed until your deposit has been received.

Should the border be closed at your time of travel, Experience Rarotonga will hold all funds paid for a future rebook without penalty (and will formally confirm this in both the Booking Centract terms and a follow up communication should this situation arise. All visitors to Rarotonga are required to comply with revised conditions for entry.

Online bookings are almost always confirmed, but in the interests of avoiding potential double ups, we must formally check and confirm booking availability.

Please contact us if you require forther information or clarification!

Best regards


+64 21 256 1331
Oops! We could not find your booking. The link you used may be incorrect or has expired. If you need assistance, please contact our support team.

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