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Kia Orana – Welcome to Experience Rarotonga!

Experience Rarotonga is a business created from a deep love for the Cook Islands lifestyle, a passion for high service quality standards and the ability to work tirelessly in building relationships.

Jennie Wilson first arrived in Rarotonga in 2002. She had previously been in corporate life for many years – living in the gruelling ‘client-centric’ zone of the media world in Auckland, both in advertising agencies and latterly at The Radio Bureau as a senior media manager.

Jennie’s husband at the time, Blair – a stone mason by trade – had always wanted to try the laid back tropical island lifestyle. Blair pretty much dragged Jennie up to the Cook Islands to live his lifelong dream of an easy breezy tropical island lifestyle: deep sea fishing, healthy food, lots of sun and living the good life.

Rarotonga seemed a good place to give ‘island time’ a try and indeed it delivered that and more. Jennie and Blair loved the Cook Islands lifestyle.

The couple made many friends on the Island – both Cook Islanders and New Zealanders alike – and a few Aussies as well. Life was good.

A Rarotongan holiday accommodation business waiting to be found

After hosting many many friends and family on the Island and helping them find accommodation, Jennie began to realise there was a niche in the Cook Islands Tourism Industry not yet catered to – a genuine gap in the market. There were and still are excellent tourism facing businesses catering for New Zealand and Australian travellers, but none with the focus on the full Rarotongan experience as Jennie viewed it at the time – everything from the frangipani on arrival to the transfers on departure was carefully planned and communicated to incoming guests – focusing on the aspects of visiting Rarotonga that Jennie knew would have greatest appeal and be of the greatest value for New Zealand holidaymakers.

In doing so, Jennie also identified an opportunity to really contribute to other Cook Island businesses. She commonly refers people planning a visit to other businesses in the Cook Islands and proactively helps other business owners with their marketing – always in the genuine interests of enabling a fantastic holiday for visitors – one that would be happily rebooked and repeated year on year.

As the years travelled by, friends referred friends and so it went on. Jennie is very much a people person and the business grew, so did those other businesses in Jennie’s network. Jennie understands the level of quality and comfort that is expected by international holidaymakers and sets about ensuring these standards would be met by all in her now large circle.

Initially, Jennie catered to families small and large and wedding groups who wanted the option of self-catering should they choose to cook on site. Parents with young children enjoyed this also and the relative safety of the Island lifestyle really suited this accommodation style.

As the years travelled by, the Experience Rarotonga business grew quickly year on year. Many customers rebooked, Jennie started some social media groups (still growing strongly) and started to build what can only be described as a tribe of people passionate about Rarotonga as a destination.

Exclusive Rarotonga holiday properties, self-catering and hotels

The number of properties available exclusive to Jennie increased – her marketing is on point and her standards are high. Some of the hotels and non-self-catering accommodation types joined the Experience Rarotonga portfolio.

In 2010, Jennie added some non-accommodation events and bookings to her total offer – in the interests of making the experience more full and complete. Other Rarotongan businesses received referrals (and still do) – always with the quality standards in mind.

When you contact Jennie about any aspect of Rarotonga, you will find her to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough and super friendly – Jennie goes out of her way to make sure you have what you need for your holiday and that you have the best time possible – guaranteed. You are welcome to email 7 days a week, or call if you prefer to.

Enjoy these pages of accommodation – Rarotonga is picture perfect. Whales often dance in the deep water just beyond the reef, warm weather can be enjoyed all year round and the swimming is always good. Jennie will happily advise you on where to dine, shop, find groceries (or cocktails) or anything else you may need.

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